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In December of 2011, I gave birth to a perfect little girl named Mati.  Except she had cancer!  Over the next year, Mati endured numerous chemotherapy treatments, 4 blood transfusions, 2 surgeries and an array of other "tortures".  When Mati was going thru treatment, I realized that God's plan was bigger than Mati beating cancer.  I had a purpose in this too.  That's when the idea of Fight Like A Kid was born!  As time goes on, God continues to bless FLAK!  I pray that we continue to do his will and he continues to allow FLAK to grow!

Our focus changes as God directs us.  Right now, we are sending children with cancer on trips, often times thru Make-A-Wish.  Visit the "wish kids" tab to see who we have sponosored, and where they chose to go!

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