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This event was held May 14, 2016 at Cross B Arena in Stuttgart, AR.  We were so thankful that the Bolings once again stepped up to help us put on this amazing event.


In 2015, Fight Like A Kid sponsored Price Hancock on his Make-A-Wish trip.  Not long after he returned home from that trip, he relapsed.  This young, 13 year old boy was so wise!  He told him family that "Either way I'll be OK".  He knew that he would be healed.  Maybe that healing would come here on Earth, and may it would come in heaven.  Price was forever healed in the arms of his Savior!  Because of his amazing courage, this barrel race has been aptly named the Price Hancock Memorial Barrel Race.  We are proud of have a small part in carrying on the amazing legacy this young man has left behind. 



Barrel Bash 


Price Hancock Memorial Barrel Race


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